Cancellation Policy
All cancellations must be requested by phone at no later than 14 days before the next billing
cycle if on a monthly paid subscription service. To schedule an appointment, please submit a
ticket to or call +60 19-525 6935 during our business hours of
Monday to Friday.
Please note that if you cancel, any special pricing agreed upon will be void. If you wish to
renew at a later date you must renew at the non-reduced, normal price for that product or
Please Note: At the time of cancellation your account will immediately be deactivated.

Refund Policy
Due to the digital nature of the service, training and software, we are unable to provide
refunds on any purchases.
In most cases you have paid for services and/or products and seen the results of using them
and received profit from the efforts or deployment and usage of licensed, online tools or
services. If you do not see ROI, or return on investment that was promised, will do everything in its power to ensure that the lack is made up to
you in some way. However, as Google and other online entities are constantly changing their
services, which influences everything online, there can be no iron-clad promises made or
returns expected. That would be beyond the scope and ability of Persuade Growth to
However, we DO suggest that if you ARE having issues, you let us try to help you – submit
an email support ticket to or call +60 19-525 6935 before you
decide to cancel. Often it’s a simple fix to get things up and running for you again, or to
determine why something broke for you (which happens all the time online) – we’re here to
If you feel that you were inappropriately charged for a service or product, or would like to
speak to someone about a refund for a different reason, please submit an email support
ticket to or call +60 19-525 6935.
Although it actually never happened, accounts cancelled/terminated by for violating our terms of service, do not qualify for a refund. For
example, if your account is cancelled due to scamming or spamming, you will not be given
any refund. We believe strongly in upholding good and moral etiquette in ALL of our online
proceedings and encourage our clients to do the same. customer service representatives are available Monday through
Friday at or call +60 19-525 6935 for any billing related